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Archive: Norwegian IPO championship

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IPO (International Prüfungsordnung) is the largest dog sport in the world. The Norwegian Championships were held late June this year. Assignment for Stavanger Aftenblad. The dogs compete in tracing, obedience and protection.

TS 20110625 hund 0024
The weight is thrown over the ridge, and the dog has to fetch.

TS 20110625 hund 0048
The audience.

TS 20110625 hund 0044
Åse Marie Lura and her dog Jabina Pisca waits to recieve the judge’s verdict.

Some of last weeks assignments

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TS 20110804 begravelse 0128
Funeral of Marianne Sandvik, a 16-year old girl from Stavanger who was killed in the Utøya massacre. Her father laid a rose on her coffin after giving a memorial speech in Stavanger Cathedral.

TS 20110808 torkelsen 0068
Comedian Per Inge Torkelsen, at his home.

MG 4701
Norways Premier League, match between Viking and Tromsø. Ended 2-1 to Viking, this is Tromsø’s goal in the second half.

Quiet day at the office


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So I made this today, using Rasterbator. This was in between writing captions. Feeling real productive, I am.

MG 3889

(I’m talking about the giant portrait of myself, in case anyone was wondering. The original image can be seen on my About-page)

Photoshelter archive / licensing

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I went and got myself a Photoshelter account for archiving and licensing. They even manage print sales. Uploading stuff now, more to come. Also have to caption, but I have to mow my lawn first, first day without rain in two weeks. Grass grows fast.

Skjermbilde 2011 07 29 kl 14 08 22

A hundred thousand voices

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TS 20110725 fakkeltog 0007

Yesterday, people gathered all around Norway in torch lit marches to support the victims of the Oslo bombing and the Utøya attack. In Stavanger, police said between 75,000 and 100,000 people came together in the city center.

The parade of people encircled the entire city, and it was said that such a gathering of people have not been seen since Norway was liberated after World War II.

The shopping malls in and around Stavanger even closed at 5.30PM so that the employees would be able to take part in the march.

It was truly touching, and the sight and feeling of such a great number of people made me proud to be Norwegian.

I want to quote Norways Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and what he said during his speech at the event in Oslo:

“Evil can kill a human beeing, but it can never conquer an entire people”

TS 20110725 fakkeltog 0071

Sindre Buraas and Sondre Nordstad each won gold

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Sindre and Sondre, who I followed for a week of training in Eldoret, Kenya, each won a gold medal in the European Athletics U23 (junior) Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Sindre won the 5000 meter race, and Sondre won the 10,000 meter race. Sindre still has one more race to qualify for the World Championships in Korea.

Their hard work and commitment is paying off!

Check out the story about them in my portfolio.

TS 20101113 eldoret 0045
Gold medalist Sindre Buraas

A whole new kind of happy


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TS 20110630 sofie 0027 bw
TS 20110630 sofie 0015
TS 20110630 sofie 0006 bw

My daughter was born yesterday. Her name is Sofie.

Update: Follow Jens Glad Balchen’s Race Across America

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Jens Glad Balchen, who I photographed for DN about a month ago, is halfway through America and is currently in El Dorado, Kansas.

You can follow his progress on RAAMs website.

I hope he’s having a good time and that everything is going well for him. The 3000 mile (4800 km) race is truly a tremendous challenge.

TS 20110506 balchen 0203
TS 20110506 balchen 0016

Assignment – bank CEOs for DN

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Did portraits of the CEOs of the local banks in Stavanger, for a story on the competition in the financial sector in the city.

From top left: Rune Kastmann from Nordea, Stig Brautaset from Fokus Bank, Jan Klingsheim from Sandnes Sparebank, Tore Medhus from SR-Bank, Lynn Sperb from Handelsbanken and Lorents Nord-Varhaug from DnB Nor.


PS: Gotta love that highspeed synced flash.

Assignment – portable home for DN

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TS 20110601 bobil 0082
TS 20110601 bobil 0051
TS 20110601 bobil 0106
TS 20110601 bobil 0181

Glenn Isachsen and Jytte Secher really loves camping, and spends most of their time in their motor home.

Glenn has only spent one night at home so far this year.