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A hundred thousand voices

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TS 20110725 fakkeltog 0007

Yesterday, people gathered all around Norway in torch lit marches to support the victims of the Oslo bombing and the Utøya attack. In Stavanger, police said between 75,000 and 100,000 people came together in the city center.

The parade of people encircled the entire city, and it was said that such a gathering of people have not been seen since Norway was liberated after World War II.

The shopping malls in and around Stavanger even closed at 5.30PM so that the employees would be able to take part in the march.

It was truly touching, and the sight and feeling of such a great number of people made me proud to be Norwegian.

I want to quote Norways Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and what he said during his speech at the event in Oslo:

“Evil can kill a human beeing, but it can never conquer an entire people”

TS 20110725 fakkeltog 0071

Assignment – bank CEOs for DN

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Did portraits of the CEOs of the local banks in Stavanger, for a story on the competition in the financial sector in the city.

From top left: Rune Kastmann from Nordea, Stig Brautaset from Fokus Bank, Jan Klingsheim from Sandnes Sparebank, Tore Medhus from SR-Bank, Lynn Sperb from Handelsbanken and Lorents Nord-Varhaug from DnB Nor.


PS: Gotta love that highspeed synced flash.

Assignment – Rune Bjørnson for DN

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Another of the typical 10-minute deals where you just have to make something work in the least amount of time possible. Like last time, exposing for the ambient, and blasting a speedlight at full from behind – worked out quite nicely in the end.

Germany is closing down its nuclear plants as a result of the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima plant – and because of this Statoil expect to sell more gas to Germany for power generation.

Rune Bjørnson, manager for gas sales in Statoil

A glimmer of hope in the Kayole-Soweto slum

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Maisha mema kids collage

These are 20 of around 230 children getting their education fully funded through the Maisha Mema (translated: Better Life) programme in the Kayole-Soweto slum. Free primary education in Kenya was re-introduced by president Kibaki in 2003, although «free» is a matter of definition.

The education in itself may be free, but there are still expenses such as desks, books and uniforms that parents must pay, and this amounts to between 6000 and 10000 shilling a year (around $70 – $120). This may not sound too steep, but considering that an average monthly income in the slum is less than 3000 shilling, paying more than two months salary per child is just too much for the vast majority of families.

The Maisha Mema programme provides with education all the way through to college and university, for children who otherwise would have no chance of even going to primary school. They have been a tremendous help in providing contacts and access for a story I’m doing in Kayole-Soweto, and I encourage everyone to send them a donation.

Leftover pic from assignment

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TS 20090825 haugane 0026

Right picture. Wrong dude.

Belated posting: another demonstration in Oslo

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From last Saturday. It went along peaceful this time.

It didn’t get any press. Maybe nobody even noticed.

TS 170109 demo 0102
“No peace without freedom. No freedom without fight. Free Palestine”
TS 170109 demo 0096
“It’s enough”
TS 170109 demo 0087
Poster with dead child
TS 170109 demo 0068
Making sound on the streets
TS 170109 demo 0110
Well spoken
TS 170109 demo 0025
Lighting candles in support
TS 170109 demo 0083
The message
TS 170109 demo 0002
Demonstration ends, the group dissolves

Clashes over Gaza in Oslo

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TS 080109 demo 0346
TS 080109 demo 0403
TS 080109 demo 0428
TS 080109 demo 0544
TS 080109 demo 0240
TS 080109 demo 0502
TS 080109 demo 0292
TS 080109 demo 0621
TS 080109 demo 0195
TS 080109 demo 0220
TS 080109 demo 0556
TS 080109 demo 0175

Peaceful protest turn ugly in Oslo.

Gangs of kids with no political agenda, only desire to fight.

Make everything difficult for everyone else.

Athens, Ohio

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Walking around in Athens on my first day there I felt great relief. So many young people, so many pretty people, in general, so many people. Most of my trip has gone through outback America, places with as few as 17 people (Middlegate, Nevada), 200 people (Austin, Nevada), 10 000 people (Delta, Utah).

Usually with these small places, anyone who is born there moves away when they reach adulthood, to go to larger cities that can offer schools, universities and cultural events in general.

I guess the same problem exists all over the world, the bigger issue of urbanization.

Athens have the opposite problem – young people come in hordes every september, trashing the town in some aspects, and bringing so much back in a lot of others.

I read in a newspaper while I was there, that the fire department had to put out a couch that was burning in the street. There was a big street party going on, where several houses were participating. Reportedly, the crowd of 2 500 people chanted “NUMBER ONE PARTY SCHOOL” as the firemen extinguished the couch.

Now, I wasn’t at that party in particular, but I was at a concert in someones basement, at a combined concert and art exhibition, a chili cook-off where the mayor of the town were one of the judges. This contest of gastronomical skills ended in a spontaneous rap concert in the backyard. I guess non of these things would have happened if it weren’t for all the students.

TS 20081022 USA 0584
TS 20081022 USA 0548
TS 20081022 USA 0551
TS 20081022 USA 0391
TS 20081022 USA 0446
TS 20081022 USA 0121
TS 20081022 USA 0256
TS 20081022 USA 0138
TS 20081022 USA 0053
TS 20081022 USA 0328

Songs for the road

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Tidvis, Lars Winnerbäck

Kom Änglar, Lars Winnerbäck

Försvarstal, Lars Winnerbäck

TS 20081008 USA 0241
Sudden rainstorm, Nevada.
TS 20081008 USA 0160
Delta, Utah.
TS 20081008 USA 0034
John McCain in debate.
TS 20081008 USA 0044
Watching the debate.
TS 20081008 USA 0183
Telephone pole.
TS 20081008 USA 0009
Llyod Mueller sr, closing his bar.
TS 20081008 USA 0110
Mountain in Utah, along Colorado river.
TS 20081008 USA 0209
Still in Utah.

US Senate passes bailout plan


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TS 20081001 USA 0001