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Assignment – Runners in Eldoret, for Plot

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9 out of 10 world record holders for the marathon are Kenyan, and they’re all from Eldoret.

So why do white people even try? At their best they can never beat the runners from Kenya, they’re not even close.

Published in a 31-page spread in the newest addition to the Norwegian magazine flora – PLOT.

Some of these were in the article, some of them didn’t make the cut.

Also, they’re in no particular order.

TS 20101113 eldoret 0109
21 kilometers uphill. At the 11 km mark
TS 20101112 eldoret 0221
Sunrise in Eldoret, around 5 am
TS 20101111 eldoret 0107
Sindre Buraas at the office
TS 20101111 eldoret 0422
Kenyan runner training
TS 20101111 eldoret 0405
Runners stretching after workout
TS 20101110 eldoret 0178
Winner of New York marathon, Edna Kiplagat, at airport in Eldoret
TS 20101109 eldoret 0144
Kipchoge (“Kip”) Keino at Eldoret country club
TS 20101109 eldoret 0114
Kip Keinos childrens home
TS 20101109 eldoret 0052
Runners are everywhere in Eldoret
TS 20101109 eldoret 0031
View of Rift Valley
TS 20101108 eldoret 0190
Stretching after workout
TS 20101111 eldoret 0250
Sindre Buraas at the office
TS 20101111 eldoret 0401
Relaxing after workout
TS 20101112 eldoret 0031
TS 20101113 eldoret 0156
Getting some sleep en route to uphill workout
TS 20101113 eldoret 0068
Sindre Buraas after finishing 21 km uphill run
TS 20101113 eldoret 0001
Carbohydrates are usually bad, but needed after heavy workouts

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