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Athens, Ohio

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Walking around in Athens on my first day there I felt great relief. So many young people, so many pretty people, in general, so many people. Most of my trip has gone through outback America, places with as few as 17 people (Middlegate, Nevada), 200 people (Austin, Nevada), 10 000 people (Delta, Utah).

Usually with these small places, anyone who is born there moves away when they reach adulthood, to go to larger cities that can offer schools, universities and cultural events in general.

I guess the same problem exists all over the world, the bigger issue of urbanization.

Athens have the opposite problem – young people come in hordes every september, trashing the town in some aspects, and bringing so much back in a lot of others.

I read in a newspaper while I was there, that the fire department had to put out a couch that was burning in the street. There was a big street party going on, where several houses were participating. Reportedly, the crowd of 2 500 people chanted “NUMBER ONE PARTY SCHOOL” as the firemen extinguished the couch.

Now, I wasn’t at that party in particular, but I was at a concert in someones basement, at a combined concert and art exhibition, a chili cook-off where the mayor of the town were one of the judges. This contest of gastronomical skills ended in a spontaneous rap concert in the backyard. I guess non of these things would have happened if it weren’t for all the students.

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  1. Posted on 30/12/2008 by Dustin Franz

    im so glad that you stumbled upon athens. it was a pleasure meeting you and you are welcome back anytime. i hope the rest of your trip was an enjoyable one.


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