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Invalid node structure


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My Mac started acting funny the other day, so I did the old repair permissions trick to sort things out. Didn’t help this time, so I tried verifying the startup disk, and it revealed an “invalid node structure” on the drive. Long story short – my laptop won’t boot.

So now I’m running around Nairobi trying to find a store that has the Snow Leopard install disk in stock. I will then install OSX onto one of my backup drives, and then I’ll install a software called DiskWarrior onto that drive. Then I will hopefully be able to boot from the external drive and run DW, which is a program specifically made to fix errors such as this, on my startup drive.

Needless to say – from now on I will always have a drive with an emergency install of OSX with me when I travel. I will look into installing it on my iPod, as that would be very handy, although I’m not certain it’s doable or even safe.

Will keep you updated on progress.

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