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Random shots from last week

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TS 20081003 USA 0133
Nevada desert, just east of Carson City
TS 20081003 USA 0138
Restaurant, Fallon
TS 20081003 USA 0116
Lake Lahontan, Nevada
TS 20081003 USA 0125 2
Lakebed, Lake Lahontan, Nevada
TS 20081003 USA 0080
Some mountain between Austin and Fallon in Nevada
TS 20081003 USA 0063
Sand Mountain, Nevada
TS 20081003 USA 0055
Sand Mountain, Nevada

I’ve reached Grand Junction, and managed to get a room at the Melrose Hotel, even though the sign said “NO Vacancy”. It’s a lovely Victorian house downtown, with the Main Street just a block away. The hotel was founded in 1908, and back then you could rent a room for 50 cents a night. The hotel is, in fact, the only one out of twelve hotels that were once located in downtown Grand Junction.

Today I’ve driven for almost 9 hours. Really looking forward to tomorrow, which, beeing a Monday, is my day of resting. Gonna get up to speed on pictures, though, and spend a couple of hours reading.

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  1. Posted on 06/10/2008 by Ida

    i wanna be there, uh, how i wanna be there

  2. Posted on 11/10/2008 by IB

    We want more fotos from y’all. THAT SAND-CAR LOOKS PHAT, THOUH. Oops, lost track of my caps.

  3. Posted on 12/10/2008 by Kenneth

    Great shots!

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