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This is Cisco, a ghosttown just west of Grand Junction in Utah. According to Wikipedia the town survived long enough into the 20th century to obtain a ZIP-code, namely 84515.

Judging by the type of cars that were there i would say people moved out of here in the 70’s, but that’s a wild guess by my side.

I don’t know if this is an american thing, but along the way there has been plenty of left-behind cars, agricultural tools and trailers of all sorts. I feel that, at least in Norway, where I come from, if we move, we take our car/cars with us. But here… It might be some kind of use-and-throw-mentally that America has going on, or I might be completely off by saying such a thing. But I feel the consumer mentality, the idea that “if it’s broken, buy a new one”, is stronger here.

Maybe that’s the American way. And the American Dream is to be able to. And it’s shattering as we speak.

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