Trond Sørås Photographer


Oldboys speedway

April, 2008

Speedway was immensely popular in Norway during the 50’s and 60’s, but the sport lost popularity during the next two or three decades.

Outside of Stavanger a group of men in their fifties gather every saturday to race their bikes, tune their engines and to be social. Most of them used to race, some even professionally, in their twenties.

Together they share a passion for speed, oily hans, the smell of burnt resin oil and the feel of dirt in the neck.

In this community they have found a great way to meet and spend time with others their age, who share their interests, and for some it’s even the highlight of the week.

“Llittle can take away the thrill of having a curve coming at you at 80 kph”, as one man said one weekend.

Freelance, published by VG, available for prints and licensing on Photoshelter